Tribest Green Star Juicer GSE-5000 – Reviews

The most renowned brand of juice extractors on the planet, the Green Star range, has quite recently invited the Green Star World class GSE-5000. Tribest. The Green Star line makers have developed a new, sleek design, a revolutionary change to their twin gear technology that makes juice extraction even more effective as Tribest Greenstar GS-P502 Pro Juicer. Several other improved features in the new Green Star Elite design are based on feedback from devoted customers and juice connoisseurs.

Tribest is renowned for bringing twin gears to the pressing process with two stages—crushing and pressing. Now, Tribest introduces Giant Twin Gears with three stages—adding a mixing step to the gears. According to the Gerson Institute, Apple and carrot pulp should be combined when juicing, whose mission is to promote the natural treatment and avoidance of illness. The Green Star Elite Juicer’s new Jumbo Twin Gears combine the pulp, making it easier to break down cell walls and obtain more juice and nutrients than the other Smeg Citrus Juicer.

Hence, to know whether all this is true, here is a detailed review of the Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 Elite Slow Masticating Juicer to decide if it’s the best juicer for celery or not.

Green Star Juicer Features & Buying Guide:

The Tribest Green Star GSE-5000 Elite Slow Masticating Juicer is the best compact and masticating juicer. Its multipurpose features make it simple to prepare various things at home. Visit the features listed below to learn more about this machine.

Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 Elite Slow Masticating Juicer:


  • Plastic structure without BPA
  • Able to handle leafy vegetables, particularly wheatgrass, at the greatest degree
  • Maximum juice storage life: 72 hours
  • Low-key business
  • Able to puree a variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Additional pasta-making and homogenizing features Dishwasher-safe components
  • Juice extraction in progress with automated pulp discharge
  • Stowage for detachable cords
  • Handle included for simple transfer
  • The GreenStar Elite GSE 5000 is larger and has more extraction capacity than previous models.
  • The slow 110 RPM and bio-ceramic technology further slow decomposition, producing better juice quality.
  • The twin-gear device effectively processes fruits and vegetables with a 4/1000 clearing, leaving a nearly dry puree.


  • Although expensive, this juicer is significantly less expensive than those made of complete stainless steel by Angel Juicer.
  • Processing your juice with twin-gear juicers at 110 idle RPM will take some time.
  • Your juicing process will be delayed due to the narrow chute 
  • It requires cutting your fruit into small bits.
  • The entire outfit weighs almost 26 lbs, which is too much. 
  • You must exert additional effort to send your fruit through the feeding tube.

In a rush view some juicers selected by our technical team,


The updated GS Series from Tribest features the sveltely styled Green Star Juicer Elite. This robust triturating juicer has two conical gears that are even bigger and spin at 110 RPM, successfully reducing heat generation. It crushes, blends, and pulls the produce to obtain more liquid, and comes with a customizable end cover. Complete mastication delicately extracts the juice while retaining the juice’s greatest amounts of vitamins and nutrients.

Magnets and bio-ceramic technologies are used in dual stainless steel gears to add more nutrition to the liquid. The new design does away with knobs with a straightforward locking mechanism. The GreenStar Elite juicer has a breadstick/mochi connection component, a blank homogenizing screen, and juicing screens with large and tiny holes. It becomes a high-end food processor with the inclusion of the extra tools, changing it into a juice extractor.

Complete Mastication System

The Greenstar can easily practice mastication resembling human teeth thanks to the robust construction of the Twin Gears. For slicing, the cutting points were designed, for chopping strand cellulose, the cutting points, and for crushing the gear teeth base. These three procedures reduce the stringiness of veggies and stop fruits and vegetables from sticking and creating jams.


Instead of a plastic basin, this giant twin-gear juicer includes a glass collector pitcher, which is a thoughtful addition. It is easy to put together, but the twin gear set must be meticulously put together to prevent breaking them when you try to use them.

To prevent destroying them, align the two dots with a single dot to create a triangle. To stop the juice from spilling onto the surface, use the included drip plate.

To speed up the juicing procedure, prepare the veggies before you start. To ensure that bigger things, like apples, can slide down the feed chute, you must chop them up.

You won’t have to chop up vegetables compared to single-gear masticating juicers. The celery was cut up by the two gears without the long threads getting tangled in them. When processing dense produce like carrots, the Green Star Elite Juicer requires some improvement.  Wheatgrass and other leafy vegetables will be drawn into the machine without needing any help.

Ease of Cleaning

The Green Star Elite 5000 can be securely cleaned using parts that can be put in the dishwasher on the top shelf because they are safe. The best action plan is to always launder everything in boiling, soapy water. The parts can be cleaned by hand in under five minutes. You can thoroughly clean the components with the assistance of the two cleaning tools.

The redesigned O-ring in the gear housing of this edition, which stops juice leaks and reduces mess, is a nice feature. It includes a removable cable. Clean the juicer screen of debris. It will be challenging to eliminate pulp from the screen if it solidifies. With a cloth, thoroughly wipe the base. Before reassembling, dry the components.

Exclusive Magnetic and Bioceramic Technology

The bioceramic substance inside the twin gears generates a concentrated magnetic field reorganizing water clusters, allowing higher-value minerals, vitamins, and additional micronutrients to attach to them and be extracted into your beverage. It emits far infrared using the rotational energy of the rotating gears, which slows decomposition and prolongs the freshness of your extracted juice for a maximum of 72 hours in the fridge.

Quality of the juice

A strong triturating juicer, the Tribest Green Star Elite uses two gears to crush, combine, and press delicious juice of the highest caliber. It is renowned for pressing every drop of juice while removing the driest pulp and getting the most juice. Most antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals are extracted by it.

The sluggish extraction method lowers oxidation, which hurries up the juice’s degradation, so these vital nutrients sustain little harm as a result. Every power xl juicer generates foam. The liquid will also contain some sediment. With the included sieve, you can easily separate the pulp and froth. The Tribest Greenstar Juicer is ideal for making big amounts that can be consumed for up to 72 hours or later! To best keep, the juice put it in a securely covered receptacle.

Additional Features

The good news is that the Tribest GreenStar Elite has attachments for creating spaghetti and being a homogenizer and noodle maker. There’s no need to buy any extra tools. With the free homogenizing blank, the Green Star juicer becomes a straightforward food processor that can be used to make sauces, nut butter, infant food, and frozen fruit treats.

The same white screen can also be used to prepare soy and almond milk. You can create a flat or round pasta with the spaghetti attachments, but you’ll need to prepare the dough first.


With its homogenizing attachments, the Greenstar can produce delicious dishes like nut butter, sorbets, sauces, and pâtés in addition to liquids. The two gears work like a food processor, chopping the ingredients into a delectable treat or nibble.


Tribest Jumbo Twin Gears GS-P502 juicer
Tribest Jumbo Twin Gears GS-P502
  • Grey colour
  • 6.8″D x 18.6″W x 12.4″H dimesnions
  • Stainless Steel Twin Gears
  • Magnetic and Bioceramic Technology,Versatile Capability,Reverse Function
Tribest Green Star GS-1000 juicer
Tribest Green Star GS-1000
  • White
  • 6.5 x 19 x 12.5 inches
  • HD Twin Gears
  • No Heat Build Up,Low Quiet Speed of 110 RPM,Pressure Adjusting Knob,Automatic Pulp Ejection,Sturdy Modern Design
“Tribest GP-E1503 Gold juicer
Tribest GP-E1503 Gold juicer
  • White
  • 6.5 x 19 x 12.5 inches
  • Electric Juicers
  • Cold-press extraction ,110 RPM,Versatile Capacity,Easy To Clean

Tribest Green Star GSE-5000 VS. Tribest Jumbo Twin Gears GS-P502

The brand-new Tribest Elite GSE-5000 Twin Gear Masticating Juicer features a safety interlock switch, quicker construction, revised three-stage pressing gears, and an entirely new appearance. The GSE-5000 Elite, which features even larger “Jumbo Gears” created to provide a three-step juicing process, continues the tradition of Green Star Juicers being large and sturdy. A new shape has been added to the acetate screw portion of the giant gears to provide a mixing stage before the crucial stage. According to the maker, this is consistent with Max Gerson’s juicing theory, which states that pulp and liquid should be combined before squeezing. Bpa-free symbolIn the Gerson Therapy, the pulp and liquid are combined to allow the juice to clear out excess nutrients.

Nothing compares to GreenStar juicers for output and purity of juice. I think Tribest Green Star Pro Commercial Twin Gear Juicer is comparable to, if not superior to, similar products. The engine remains the same, but numerous enhancements have been made to greatly simplify construction and increase the effectiveness of the juice extraction process. It can be used for business purposes and as a typical home juicer. Only this triturating juice juicer can be utilized at a juice shop without putting the guarantee at risk.

Tribest Green Star GSE-5000 VS. Tribest Green Star GS-1000

Tribest’s first iteration triturating juicer, the GreenStar GS Series, has received excellent reviews all over the globe. Its powerful twin-gear technology, which is unique, extracts liquid from your fruit at 110 RPM. Centrifugal juicers deplete minerals more thoroughly. High RPM causes heat to be produced by forcing air into the liquid. The GS Series makes use of bio-ceramic and magnetic technology. This feature and the gently moving gears minimize the loss of essential digestive enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Besides, the updated GS Series from Tribest features the sveltely styled Green Star Juicer Elite. This robust triturating juicer has two conical gears that are even bigger and spin at 110 RPM, successfully reducing heat generation.

Tribest Green Star GSE-5000 VS. Tribest GP-E1503 Gold

Large amounts of juice can be extracted with the help of twin-gear juicers, such as the Tribest GreenStar GP-E1503 Green Power Gold, without sacrificing important minerals, enzymes, or vitamins. This powerful triturating extractor pulls juice using a cutting-edge magnet and bio-ceramic invention while operating at 110 RPM and heavy-duty twin spinning gears. This guarantees that your drink contains a higher quantity of vitamins and antioxidants. Significantly less heat friction and decomposition occur at sluggish velocities. Thanks to the movable end closure, you can regulate the overall amount of pressure applied to the pulp.

Furthermore, the best masticating and top-tier, powerful juice processor that will last for more than ten years is the Tribest Green Star Elite Juicer. Even the most difficult products, like mature coconut flesh, wheatgrass, and green leaves, can be juiced using this method.

Final Verdict

A top-tier, powerful juice processor that will last for more than ten years is the Tribest Green Star Elite Juicer. Even the most difficult products, like mature coconut flesh, wheatgrass, and green leaves, can be juiced using this method. This accomplishment makes it the ideal tool for producing green beverages, celery drinks, and essentially any juice formula. Consider checking into the Tribest Greenstar Elite (GSE-5000-B) Jumbo Twin Gear juicer to replace your current cold press juicer.


Product: Greenstar® Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Slow Masticating Juicer
Model: GSE-5000-B (White) / GSE-5010-B (Black) / GSE-5050-B (Chrome)
Juicer Type: Horizontal Twin Gear Masticating Slow Juicer
Speed: 110 RPM
Motor Power: 200 Watts
Voltage: 220V (120V available upon request) 
Weight: 17.4 lbs (Product) / 27 lbs (Package)
Dimensions : Product: 18.6″ W x 6.8″ D x 12.4″ H
Package: 21.8″ × 10″ × 17″
Warranty: 5 Years for Household Use
Manufactured: Made in South Korea