3 Major Types Of juicers-Which One Is Right For Celery.

There is nothing better than nutrients full sips of juice.Juicing is the most ideal way to get instant nutrients,enzymes and flavorful taste that impact positively on your daily activities.Minimum wastage of these nutrients with maximum output depends upon one of the appropriate types Of juicers. 

Juicing system is optimized on the basis of different preferences, for example time saving,less scrap formation,washability,power consumption,noise and cost effectiveness.

You will fully agree that in the classification of juicers there are a variety of products that even sometimes make confusion in proper selection.

What Types Of Juicers Are Better For Juicing Celery?

After market search you will prefer three alternatives of juicers with regard to celery.You will focus to  purchase either slow masticating juicer ,Triturating  slow juicer or fast centrifugal juicer machine.

It is important to share main differences between three main types of juicers:

A slow masticating juicer also known as cold press juicers,crushes and masticates(chew) fruit or vegetable (including celery) forming dry mash or pulp .Resultant juice has enriched nutrients with less wastage.

Triturating juicer(or Twin Gear) consists of two gears(like spirals of drill) fabricated very close to each other. At the point when they enter in the machine, the gears circulate in the opposite direction, crush and grind food material forming  juice and pushing out very dry mash.

On the other hand a fast centrifugal juicer turns the fruit around in a circle quickly and cuts it up practically like a blender forming mash that becomes wetter over time.

Types Of Juicers

Juicers chemistry rotates around three main classes:

1-Cold press slow juicers/Masticating and Triturating juicers

2-High speed/centrifugal juicers

3-manual juicers/Citrus juicers

3 Main Types Of Juicers

Other types are sub classes of these three.For your convenience we make comparison of a few main categories.

Masticating vs. Centrifugal Juicers

Masticating vs. Triturating  Juicers

Horizontal vs. Vertical Juicers    

Single vs. Twin-Gear Juicers

Cold press slow juicers VS High speed juicers:

The terms cold press slow juicers if segregated into two i.e “cold press juicers”and  slow juicers“exchanged each other, we will clear its meaning i.e cold pressing is slow and making juice slowly at low RPM(rotation per minute) will be cold.(Also called masticating juicers)

Cold press VS High speed type of juicer
“juice difference”cold press vs high speed

 It is interesting to know that making juice at low rpm (50-150 rpm) will retain its nutrients i.e enzymes and vitamins etc.Also less oxidation takes place by this process that increases its shelf life about  one and half days.

This juicing process of cold press slow masticating juicers is slow and no heat evolution takes place hence chances of the destruction of enzymes and antioxidants in the juice are negligible.

Additionally these top-notch juicers are strategically designed to work at low speed by utilizing low RPMs.

High speed juicers on the other hand are traditional types of juicers that operate at about 4000-16000 rpm. Fruit and vegetable are passed into the feed tube where these are exposed directly to sharp blades.

Sharp edge of shredding blade circulates against mesh filter.Due to the centrifugal power, juice segregates from mash into separate compartments.(These juicers are also called centrifugal juicers).

As per people comments and market research, low-speed machines are effective for celery juice. With less speed, we get a maximum yield and enzyme-rich juice than high-speed juicers.

 Further Classification:

Cold press juicers further classified into two catagories.One category uses two gears(a.k.a two augars)also known as triturating.Other category uses one augar(a.k.a one gear)commonly referred to as Masticating (implemented in both vertical and horizontal system designs). 

Masticating vs. Centrifugal Juicers:

Three main differences between masticating and centrifugal juicers are:

masticating Vs centrifugal types of juicers
Masticating juicer

Centrifugal juicers has fast revolving sharp edge small blades inside basket that produce heat during their working.It results in destruction of enzymes of fruits during strong stirring.Additionally oxidation of fruit takes place that cause less shelf life of juice.

Secondly high noise of crushing fruits due to fast speed is similar to blender which is obviously uncomfortable.

Thirdly, these juicers have less ability to extract juice from celery and leafy greens.

Masticating  juicers on the other hand produce less heat during crushing celery and leafy greens.So great nutrient value with less enzyme destruction.Also shelf life of juice produced by this method is high.

masticating vs centrifugal type of juicers
Centrifugal juicers

Secondly low decibel noise during crushing greens is not so irritating and is acceptable for ears. 

Finally, this juicer is specially designed to make juice for celery and greens. Approximately within the same time as centrifugal, it makes juice with less nutrient loss.

I suggest masticating juicers for celery due to extraction of nutrient-rich juice. Also, these have low sound and high output.

Masticating vs. Triturating  Juicers:

Triturating juicers are also known as twin gear juicers due to drill like two spiral gears.These gears slowly crush celery which results in minimum loss of nutrients and enzymes with complete chewing of greens.

 Initially it raptures the cell membrane of fruits and vegetables to produce juice then crush the inner material to release juice.Moreover it provides wonderful results for extraction of multicolor fruits and vegetables recipies like celery spicach juice recipie.

Masticating Vs Triturating type of juicers
triturating juicers

One thing which you may not like is that such a type of juicer works at slow speed(i.e 80-110 rpm).But you will be satisfied when you gain nutrients rich juice which is not possible with fast juicer.

Such types of juicer are designed to use twin gears horizontally which adds plus point to its beauty.

Masticating juicers on the other hand use single gear to crush and squeeze the greens.Position of this gear may be vertical or horizontal.in both cases this versatile juicer produce enzymes rich juice.

Due to less oxidation you can preserve juice for long time period(about 2-3 days).so you need not bother about its shelf life and loss of enzymes.

Such types of the juicer are designed to use twin gears both horizontally as well as vertically so depending upon space in the kitchen you may select any one of these juicers.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Juicers:

Horizontal vs vertical type of juicers
Horizontal augar Juicer

Horizontal juicers can be single gear(triturating) or bothTwin gear and single gear(masticating).

Such types of juicers require longer food  processing time due to small feeding chute except celery.Vertical juicers possessing large feeding chute so  fruits of large diameter can be processed without cutting.

Vertical juicers are a modified version of the horizontal one.Vertical juicers process less space in contrast to horizontal juicers.Upright vertical juicers are available in attractive designs and easy to use.

Horizontal vs vertical type of juicers

Furthermore, Vertical juicers aren’t perfect for celery. They have a small opening of outlets or the mash and celery contain long filaments that can block the outlet which is not in case of horizontal ones.

I will prefer horizontal juicers for leafy green recipies as celery lime recipe as celery contains long and hard fibers mash.It is possible only to pass out through horizontal passage without blockage of outlet than vertical juicers.

Single vs. Twin-Gear Juicers

single Vs twin gear types of juicers
Twin gear juicer

Basic functionality of both single and twin gear juicers are the same as both crush food and extract juice by saving nutrients.

A twin gear juicer is also known as triturating juicer.The word triturate means crush,rub or smash into smallest particles.

As well as design is concerned twin gear juicer has two gears that move inward simultaneously and grind celery and vegetables into fine particles whereas single gear has one augar only. 

Engineer of such juicers claims that Twin gear juicers produce superior quality juice than single gear juicer.Juice produced from these juicers can be preserved for 36 hours if properly air tight.

single Vs twin gear types of juicers
Single gear juicer

Whereas by single gear you will obtain juice of high quality that can be preserved for 24 hours in air tight container.

I will recommend twin gear juicers due to effectively crushing celery than single gear.

Below is given cold press slow juicers guide with short attributes containing pictures(it is elaboration of above image of type of juicers).

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 Cold Press Slow Juicers   Attributes   Shape
Triturating (twin gear auger) Trituarting juicer also called twin gear use two gears that rotate inward to crush vegetables and green in finest particles.

Triturating (Horizontal Twin Gear)
Triturating (horizontal twin gear )use two interlocked augers,fitted with juicer in horizontal position. horizontal-twin-gear-juicer
Masticating (single auger)
Such type of juicers use single slimmed auger
( Horizontal Single Augar)
Such type of juicers use single auger which are fitted in juicers in horizontal position. masticating-horizontal-augar
(Vertical Single Gear)
Such type of juicers use single auger which are fitted in juicers in vertical position. masticatingverticle-single-augar

Below is given high speed juicers guide with short attributes containing pictures(it is elaboration of above image of type of juicers).

 High-Speed Juicers   Attributes   Shape
Centrifugal High-Speed Juicer It contains small sharps blades in rounded basket.when basket rotates by electricity,a centrifugal force produce that extracts juice from fruits. centrifugal-high-speed-juicer
No Pulp Ejectors In this technique pulp produced is not collected in basket.Rather than it remains in machine until juicer is full. no-pulp-ejector-juicer
Pulp Ejectors In this technique pulp is expelled out into basket instead of juicer basket

Below is given Reamers guide with short attributes containing pictures(it is elaboration of above image of type of juicers).

 High-Speed Juicers   Attributes   Shape
Reamers A cone shaped structure for extracting juice from lemon,orange or grape fruit manually.  pulp-ejector-juicer
Electric Citrus Reamer Juicer Simple and light weight juicer form extracting juice form fruits.Just cut fruit e.g grape fruit into two pieces and place of cone. pulp-ejector-juicer

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Compact Juicers:

As the name compact depicts these juicers occupy a small space in the kitchen.These are easily moveable and you can wash it away from the specified area.

Such juicers include all centrifugal,masticating and reamers i.e use to make juice of celery,vegetables greens,citrus and fruits.

Following attributes of compact juicers are:

1-Size and Weight:

As for as compact juicers are concerned,space and size is an important factor that should be kept in mind before purchasing these juicers.

You will definitely purchase these juicers due to small space of kitchen.you have to prefer its dimensions(width and length, height of these juicers should be small).

Also you will enjoy one free benefit i.e due to small size these juicers are smart and lightweight,you can transfer anywhere in kitchen territory easily.Additionally if you want to make juice of fruits in less time in limited space,you should go for centrifugal compact juicers.

Example of these juicers is Cuisinart CCJ-500.

Hight-of-juicer of compact type of juicer


Speed of compact juicers may be both slow(masticating) or fast( centrifugal).It depends upon your juicing choice.If you want to make juice of vegetable green or cerly,you should prefer masticating compact juicers and if you want to make fruit juice,you should prefer centrifugal like in case of Breville juicers BJE 200XL.

speed-of-juicer of compact type of juicer

3-Noise Level: 

Noise level of these juicers may be low or high depending upon your choice.if you select centrifugal juicers,these have high noise level due to fast rpm.Also these juicers can disturb you peace due to loud property.

A good idea would be If you want to enjoy a peaceful environment then you should definitely select masticating juicers.These juicers work at low rpm(less than100 rpm) without disturbing your calm surroundings.

noise-of-juicer of compact types of juicers

4- Ease of cleaning:

Everyone wants easiness in their life.The juicers which are easy to wash are more preferable.Compact fulfil this criteria.

You can segregate parts of these juicers within less time and clean these parts with water,detergent and brush.

Easy cleaning means more hygienic surety.Best example is Hamilton Beach 67608A.

cleaning-of-juicer of compact types of juicers

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Manual Vs Electric Juicers:

Juicers become one of the necessary utensils of the kitchen.When you want to purchase juicers, you will see two basic types of juicers in the market i.e manual and electric.Manual juicer need some effort of your muscle whereas electric juicers are automatic.  

Selection of these two kinds of juicers depends on your choice.if you are irritant to spend some extra minutes on making juice then you should prefer electric juicer.On the other hand if you want nutrient rich juice with some extra effort then definitely you should select manual juicer.

Additionally electric juicers are expensive and need a dedicated budget whereas manual juicers are cheap and easily affordable.

Manual Juicers:

Manual juicers are commonly known as hand juicers as you have to exert hand force to squeeze out  juice.These are convenient in operation as you can use these without electricity.Also you can take these juicers along with you easily while travelling.

The most impressive hallmark of these juicers is that these are very affordable and you need not dedicate high budget for purchasing these juicers.

Four types of manual juicers are available in market i.e handheld squeezer,citrus juicer,steam juicer and hand press juicer.

1-Handheld squeezersThese are simplest juicers use to extract juice.you just cut lemon or citrus into two half and place between two jaws.By applying little hand force,you will get fresh juice.Some drawbacks are that these are used to extract small quantity of juice.Also these not suitable for fruits of large diameters like large orange or grapefruit.

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2-Citrus Juicers:Another simplest manual juicers is citrus juicer.These juicers contains cone like spike at center.You have to cut fruit into two half and place each half on cone.By pressing and rotating fruit,you will get fresh juice in container attached to it.Mostly citrus juicers are used for orange,lemons and grapefruits.

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3-Hand Press Juicers:These commercial juicers sometimes called “citrus press”consists of long handle and sturdy design.By chopping citrus into two pieces and applying some force you will get the maximum amount of juice.Mostly these juicers are used for juicing orange and grapefruit but you can get juice of pomegranate also

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4-Steam Juicers:.Steam juicer is also considered as a manual juicer as it does not depend on electricity.If you want to extract juice free from sugar and additives then steam juicer is the best choice.

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steam-juicer types of juicers
steam juicer

How to use juicer?

The shimmering stainless steel body of steam juicer consists of different compartments.Each one has its specific functionality.At bottom there is a pot for water.Top container for fruits collection consisting of lid.Middle pot collect juice.Juice pass out through opening called hose.

Processing of fruits takes place in upper pot.Lower pot contains water which when boils steam arises that mash fruits resulting in juice formation.Juice is collected in middle pot which you can collect through a pipe(hose) containing clump.

manual types of juicers

Electric Juicers:

Electric juicers expect high prices for their productivity without bodily effort.Extract juice  in excess quantity only by pressing the button is a key attribute of electric juice.

Such types of juicers contain suitable sized juice collection assembly, as well as a pulp collection bin that attaches snugly to the main unit.

3 major categories are found in the market i.e citrus,centrifugal and masticating.

1-Citrus Electric Juicers:

Same as manual citrus juicer,citrus electric juicer contains spike.Cut piece of fruit it place on it.Machine spin by electric force and make juice.pulp is collected into separate compartment.

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2-Centrifugal Electric juicers:

Centrifugal electric juicer contains chute/opening at the top of machine.Fruit like apple is inserted into it by making pieces or even full fruit(as chute dia is wide).Furit when touches at the spinning bottom,gets shredded into pieces.

Inner meshy walls of spinning basket consist of small holes.pulp and seeds are captured by this mesh and discharged separately.Whereas juice makes its route down to spout and eventually into glass.

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3-Cold Press & Masticating Juicers:

Cold press juicer also known as masticating juicer consists of narrow chute as compared to centrifugal juicer.Fruit or vegetables have to be cut down into small pieces before passing through narrow opening.

Cold press juicer consists of spiral corkscrew auger similar to drill screw.Auger spins at low speed i.e 80 rpm. When fruit touches to slow spinning sugar,it is crushed and squeezed rather than shredded.

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Pulp is ejected out of the machine or deposited into a separate bin whereas juice is collected into glass or separate collector depending on machine model.

electric types of juicers

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Commercial Juicers:

Have you commercial grade juicer business and engaged to discover which juicer is commercially best?We are here to guide you best.

First of all you need to select juicer which are made up of strong body like metal or if in case it is made up of plastic body then its body should be long lasting.

Secondly Its augar system,chute opening should be quick and wide in operation and processing large capacity of pulp deposition. 

Thirdly and more important it must have commercial certification(like ETL,CE,EU) and warranty.

Similarly Type of juice should also be considered before purchasing commercial juicer as some juicers provide nutrient rich output but slow like to extract celery juice masticating juicer is important as is works for long time without break and give juice without oxidation.Other juicers are fast but less nutrient effective.

Again three above discussed  juicers are used on commercial level depending on your need i.e centrifugal, masticating and citrus juicers,.Which is best?we will brief here.

1-Centrifugal Commercial Juicers:

These juicers are best suited when you serve large quantities of fresh juice to customers directly in a short time period. Also if the juice is being used in different juicing recipes then you have to adopt such type of juicers.

Such kinds of juicers are loud due to heavy motors so these are not used in small cafes or bars.

It is important to know that Juice obtained from these juicers are oxidized within short time periods so storage time is less and live serving is preferable.

3-Masticating Commercial juicers:

Such types of commercial juicers are effective for gyms,health clubs and cafes.In these places nutrient rich juice is required and masticating juicers fulfill the requirement.These juicers extract juice from leafy greens and celery without disturbing the surrounding calm environment.

3-Citrus Juicers:

These juicers are used in restaurants or hotels where fresh juice is required before meal or during breakfast.Use of such juicers is limited but cost effective.These juicers are best suited for providing fresh orange juice.

Wheatgrass juicers:

Wheatgrass juice contains tons of antioxidants and nutrients that are easily digestible and health effective like iron,calcium,beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B12,and potassium.

In order to take full benefits, proper juicer is required to separate plants fiber without disturbing nutrient value.Specialized razor wheatgrass juicer fulfil the requirement.

Wheatgrass juicer is specifically designed to extract juice from wheatgrass,barley juice,leafy greens,spinach and sprouts.

These are of two types:

Manual wheatgrass juicers:

These are specially designed with hand crank and handle for gripping with a counter. Such types of juicers are inexpensive as there is no electricity consumption.Also these juicers provide enzyme rich juice that is beneficial for body immune system.

Electric Wheatgrass juicers:

Electric juicers work by using electricity and are faster in operation. These juicers first chew the greens and then extract juice.Low RPM  stop oxidation of the juice so we can get maximum nutrients value juice.

Some neserrery points should be take into account before purchasing wheatgrass juicers.

Metal Augar:metal augar wear out slowly.So buy juicer containing metal augar.

Wide Feeding Chute:wide opening of feeding chute is better for extracting large diameter of vegetables and greens.

Juice Spout:Long juice spout is favourable as juice drops with long spout does not disturb counter cleanliness during juice collection.

Minimum Heating: Buy juicers which has less heating as low heating avoid oxidation and give nutrient rich juice.types of juicer

Over To You:

If you sum up the whole discussion of what kind of juicer for celery?you will reach yourself at the final product.Final selection from numberless types of juicers depends upon your juice extracting need,time utilization and quality of end product.

If you want to extract juice from hard fruit or vegetable like carrot,celery or cucumbers,centrifugal juicer works well but provide only reasonable yield.As juice oxidize after some time and separate into two layers(Dark layer due to oxidation)

Likewise if you can afford some additional time and want enzymes rich juice especially celery then you should go for masticating juicer as it give good quality of juice without oxidation.This nutrient juice can be preserved for a long time period.

Lastly if you have less budget you should take benefit from manual juicers.But in this case you can get juice only limited fruits like citrus,orange or grapefruit not celery or hard fruits.

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