Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer 2024 Review

Given the many choices available, selecting a juicer can be very difficult. I’ve been juicing for over ten years now, and during that time, I’ve used everything from a smoothie maker and sieve to a centrifugal juicer that I found for cheap to a variety of slow juicers like Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 Elite Slow Masticating Juicer and Omega CNC80S Cold Press Juicer Machine

I still use and prefer the Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer after all these years. This evaluation is based on my personal usage of it as well as the research I did to find the juicer that might become the best fit for me. I’ve been hired by it for a long time now. This masticating juicer might be the finest option for you if you’re looking for one. I’ve provided a summary of each option’s advantages and disadvantages below for your ease.

Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer:


  • Cold-pressed juicing technology
  • Quiet operation
  • High juice yield
  • Anti-oxidized juice
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Tasty green drink
  • Delicious ice sorbets
  • Exceptional Orange Juice


  • Very lofty won’t work if your cupboards are low.
  • Dripping following use
  • Low speed
  • Need pre-preparations
  • Narrow chute
  • Arduous to sanitize

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Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer Features

What you’ll learn in this Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer Review is as follows. 

  • Materials are BPA-free and suitable for food.
  • Abs Hopper
  • Tritan chamber
  • Ultem: Auger 
  • Stainless steel and Ultem strainer
  • The ABS base


The juicer’s aesthetic appeal is helpful, too! Even though it’s a very flimsy benefit, I appreciate it when a new appliance I add to my kitchen appears fantastic. The matte black and white versions of the Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer are stylish and visually appealing.


Many household appliances are either tricky to put up or complex to use, so I don’t use them as frequently as I’d like. Therefore, one of the most crucial aspects of using a juicer is its simplicity. After only two minutes of assembly, the Nama J2 is ready to use; all you must do is add your fruit and switch it on. I’m done now. The Nama J1’s top now enables you to add entire fruits, whereas you previously had to cut them into much smaller pieces, which is another clear upgrade over the Nama J2 juicer. This results in less time spent preparing and watching.


This is yet another aspect that is crucial to me. I’m naturally indolent and can’t scrub a juicer all day. After I’ve finished juicing, I throw away the dry pulp and quickly clean the juicer’s various components. I then scrub it with a sponge, brush, mild detergent, and warm water, then let the air dry. Compared to many additional juicers I’ve used, that entire cleansing procedure only takes a few minutes.

Cold press technology

Produce can be slowly squeezed using the stainless steel sieve, a unique feature of the J2. By reducing decomposition, the juice becomes more nutrient-dense and more delicious.

Improved Design and Functionality

The 16:1 gear ratio of the Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer allows it to make more juice per kilogram of produce compared to most other juicers. Thanks to the lower number, this is so you can extract more liquid from your fruits and veggies without stopping to grind them up. With a more significant number, your juice will have superior viscosity, making it simpler to consume or incorporate into smoothies or beverages.

Quality of juice

According to Nama’s website, the J2 juicer produces 60% more juice than other juicers. Although I’m not sure how true that is, I have noticed that the pulp is significantly drier than other juicers I’ve used, which supports the assertion. The beverage itself is much superior, I also observed. Juice from other juicers, particularly centrifugal juicers, would frequently split out rapidly and be less smooth. Through the Nama J2 juicer, that is not the situation.

Quiet operation

The Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer has become much calmer if you’ve never used a centrifugal or high-speed mixer. Even though it still produces sound, it isn’t overly loud, so you can easily use it while chatting or listening to music.

Integrated safety feature

A safety element on the Nama J2 juicer makes it kid-safe and extremely useful. The juicer begins working its magic once you add your fruit, shut the top, and turn it on. You never have to fear having the juicer unsupervised around children because it instantly shuts off if the cover is opened. When you shut it once more, it immediately begins juicing once more. This is very helpful for juicing, as it allows me to quickly add any additional ingredients I might have neglected without physically switching the extractor off and on.


Kuvings REVO830 Juicer
 Kuvings REVO830 Juicer
  • White
  • 10″D x 8″W x 19″H
  • New Smart Cap
  • New Type Pulp Outlet,Auto Cutting & Juicing Mechanism,Newly Designed Cups
Omega H3000D Juicer
Omega H3000D Juicer
  • Black
  • 15″D x 6.7″W x 13.27″H
  • 3-stage augers
  • Less noise ,BPA Free,Simple to use ,Lower speed
Hurom HP Juicer
 Hurom HP Juicer
  • Green
  • 19.7 x 12.7 x 10.5 inches
  • Heavy-duty Ultem strainer
  • Safety -Duplicate safety sensors,Compact size,Accurately assembled

Nama J2 Cold Press VS Kuvings REVO830

The Nama J2 and Kuvings REVO820 are both well-designed products. A hopper that holds components and sends those into the juicer is the Nama J2’s invention. Even though you still need to chop them into manageable pieces, once the hopper is filled, you can walk away from the machine after turning it on. Two distinct feed chutes are included in the redesigned design of the Kuvings REVO820. One is a standard design, but it is over three inches broad. Most pears can be added whole. The Nama J2 and the Kuvings REVO830 weigh more than the average juicer, though the Kuvings REVO830 is considerably heavy. If the kitchen is susceptible to water splashes, the Kuvings, which are offered in white, have a more robust seal around the engine.

Nama J2 Cold Press VS Omega H3000D

The Omega H3000D cold-press 365 Juicer offers excellence at a reasonable price if you’re on a tight budget. It is bigger than the small HP Juicer and is made of BPA-free plastic. It uses a slower masticating technology with up to 110 revolutions per minute. When you choose a more reasonable price tag, you do not have to give up your juicing choices because it can still manage fruits, vegetables, and wheatgrass. Because the components are detachable and, for the most part, washable in the dishwasher, this appliance is straightforward to clean. Even if you don’t have a lot of room in your kitchen, it’s still simple to keep, thanks to the space-saving design. 

Nama J2 Cold Press VS Hurom HP

The Hurom HP Slow Juicer is a small, space-saving package suitable for personal use. In addition to producing juice, it can produce vegetable milk like almond milk. Even sorbet is produced by it for those muggy summer evenings. With sluggish Squeeze Technology, the rotation is extremely sluggish, at just 43 rotations per minute. Juice can remain fresher before spoiling for a more extended period if the hand-squeezed results are replicated. 

Is it worth it – Bottom Line

Yes, to respond briefly. The finest juicer I’ve ever used by far. It’s enjoyable to use, the juice is delicious, and it simplifies your diet by including more excellent fresh fruits and vegetables. If you can afford it and are looking for a high-quality juicer that produces nutrient-dense juice, this is a no-brainer, and I wholeheartedly suggest it.


Product – Cold Press Juicer
Model – J2
Model Number – SJ200
Rated Voltage – 120 V
Rated Frequency – 60 Hz
Rated Power Consumption – 200 W
RPM – 50 rpm
Power Cord Length – 55.1 in (1.4 m)
Motor – Single-Phase Induction
Fuse – 250 V 8A
Weight (Chamber Set Included) – 12.1 lbs / 5.5 kg
Dimensions – W 9.8 in (249 mm) / L 9.0 in (229 mm) / H 17.7 (451 mm)