Omega NC900HDC Premium Juicer & Nutrition Center – Review

As the best masticating juicer, the Omega NC900HD Nutrition System is a device. The Nutrition Center, occasionally called a reduced juicer, operates at 80 RPM, compared to the 1,650 to 15,000 RPM range that most other juice extraction devices operate at. Juice can be kept for extended periods without degrading because the low pace preserves and safeguards healthy enzymes, stops oxidation, and prevents degradation.

Therefore, simply understanding this much does not suffice to determine whether the juicer is a good cold press extractor. As a result, to make a worthwhile purchase, I have forgotten the essential information about the Omega NC900HDC Superior Juicer & Nutrition Center.

Omega NC900HDC Premium Juicer & Nutrition Center – Overview

As the best juicer for celery and cold pressed juicer, Omega Juicer Machines have been created to give an effective dosage of vitamins to enhance and support general health and immunity, making them one of the most efficient ways to quickly access nutrient catalysts that contribute to a better body’s immune system and general health.

Instead of eating your fruits and vegetables, puree them to get all the micronutrients you need in one enticing beverage. The two-stage juice extraction method squeezes the most liquid possible from fruits, veggies, green vegetables, and wheatgrass! You can also whip up soy milk, extrude noodles, process coffee and seasonings, mince herbs and garlic, and prepare infant food from pure, quality ingredients with your Omega low-speed juicer. Use this slow extractor cold press equipment to create delicious and healthy drinks and food everyone will enjoy. Please take note that some commotion is normal. Please place a thin cloth on this small juicer machine to assist with stability and noise reduction.

Omega NC900HDC Cold Press Juicer:


  • Greater eating snout
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • A slow 80 RPM engine reduces oxidation
  • Juice storage life of 72 hours
  • For precise liquid extractions, there are five movable options
  • It can handle a variety of vegetables
  • Non-juicing activities
  • It’s a non-malignant disease juicer from the Gerson line
  • 2 Horsepower Ultem Auger motor


  • Slow operation
  • Mid-priced
  • Low-speed motor
  • Little flimsy
  • Get clogged with soft fruits and veggies
  • Not a compact juicer
  • Narrow chute
  • Get hot after a few minutes
  • No reverse function

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Omega NC900HDC Premium Juicer & Nutrition Center – Features And Design

Omega NC900HDC Premium Juicer & Nutrition Center is the best masticating juicer ever. Below mentioned details are there for the detailed information.


  • Solitary blade, 80 RPM
  • Five different weight levels
  • A low pace reduces rust and heat buildup.
  • With automatic pulp expulsion, washing is simple.
  • A powerful 2 HP engine increases torque to handle challenging ingredients.
  • Integrated grip
  • High juice output reduces your grocery cost and operates quietly


The brand’s sixth-generation nutrition center is the Omega NC900HDC. This stylish masticating juicer weighs 13 pounds, has a chrome finish, and has a handle for carrying it around the house.

The components don’t contain BPA. In contrast to earlier horizontal masticating versions, it was created with a bigger, oval-shaped feed chute. The width of the aperture is 1.5 x 2 inches. It has a movable drum cover with five different pressure levels. The procedure of extracting juice is more effective due to this enhancement.


The Omega NC900 Juicer is easy to set up and use. The input chute can accommodate bigger produce bits because it is 2 x 1.5 inches long. Apples and other large items still require cutting into smaller pieces, but most other items will accommodate without trouble. Foods like celery ought to be cut into tiny bits to stop the fibrous stems from winding around the auger. To ensure you can continue juicing without pausing, prepare your fruit before you start.

To prevent blocking the machine, don’t attempt to push the product into the auger or down the chute; just let it operate normally. If you intend to puree delicate produce, mix it with something firm and fibrous to help it move through the juicer. The drum cap on this juicer, which enables you to modify the strain on the produce, is an added benefit. You can regulate the degree of liquid separation. Set it to “1” for delicate objects and up to “5” for hard products to use it.

Maintenance / Cleaning

This juice juicer has no tricky crevices to clear, making it simple to maintain. When you’re done juicing, wash the ingredients by hand in tepid, clean water. Make careful to scrape any leftover debris from the metal juicing screen with the nylon cleaning brush. You can also put the juicer components on the top shelf of the dryer. However, washing everything by hand is always preferable.

Quality of the Juice

This juicer uses the ground-breaking two-stage extraction method, in which the material is gently pulverized, and then the juice is extracted from it by pressing it against a juicing screen. The cold-pressed, masticating procedure delivers juice rich in enzymes, antioxidants, and minerals with the least amount of harm due to less oxidation. When compared to mechanical juicers, slow juicers yield juice in greater amounts and of higher quality. Extremely desiccated pulp is ejected. This juicer produces high-quality juice that is fully seasoned without sacrificing taste. Juice can be prepared in bulk for subsequent drinking.

Prepare sufficient juice to completely cover the receptacle. Glass is always preferred over acrylic or stainless steel vessels, though both are acceptable. To lock in the taste and nutrition, use a tight cover. You are welcome to refrigerate it for a maximum of 72 hours if you decide not to consume it immediately. You can bring it along even when traveling as long as you keep it chilled.

Additional Features / Non-Juicing Functions

It can assist you in making nutritious juices, but it also has other features like a food juicer, homogenizer, pasta maker, and coffee grinder that add variation to your juicing regimen. For any planned dinner, you can use it as a stand mixer to finely chop your meat, seafood, fruits, and veggies. You can prepare components for sauces, chutneys, stews, and condiments using this mincing/grinding skill.

If you feel like having a nutritious frozen dessert, you’d love to chill your drink into ice crystals and then let the machine add as much milk, yogurt, and other ingredients as you like to make it into a cool, refreshing delight. Baby food and almond butter can both be prepared using this homogenizer feature. You can use complementary tools to create pasta in various sizes and forms, including round or flat noodles. Even better, you can flavor your pasta to create Korean-style u-dong noodles.


Masticating juicers are known for their versatility and additional features. Luckily, the Omega NC900HDC Premium Juicer & Nutrition Center has additional features that make this item the best juicer. 

Therefore, all produce varieties, including delicate and dense produce, green leaves, citrus fruits, legumes, and nuts, can be processed by this beverage press.


Omega NC1000HDS juicer
Omega NC1000HDS juicer
  • Color:Silver
  • Dimensions:6.1″D x 18.5″W x 12.3″H
  • Triple-stage masticating technology
  • Adjustable end cap,Removable parts
Omega 8008 Juicer
Omega 8008 Juicer
  • 15-YEAR coverage
  • low speed of 80 RPMs
  • High juice yield
  • adjustable end cap with 5-settings,Slow masticating technology
Omega CNC80 juicer
Omega CNC80 juicer
  • Color:Silver
  • Dimensions:6.3″D x 16.4″W x 12.4″H
  • Triple-stage masticating technology
  • Adjustable end cap,Removable parts,Easily cleaned,Lower speed

Omega NC900HDC vs. Omega NC1000HDS

The Horizontal Single Augers’ Centerpiece is the Omega NC800HDS Feeding System. Offering a larger feed chute, redesigned body and plunger designs, an adjustable end-cap for changing back pressure, and other features.

The new NC1000HD slow juicer has a larger engine that draws a complete 200 watts as opposed to the earlier 800/900 models’ 150 watts. Since the engine should have roughly the same power (2 HP), the additional wattage enables quicker/stronger energy when required.

Omega NC900HDC vs. Omega 8008 Juicer

Even though the NC900 and J8008 are ideal for juicing green and leafy veggies, you might have to be concerned about having enough storage room because they are made as large horizontal masticating juicers. There aren’t many design distinctions between the two juicers, with the handle being the most obvious. The NC900 has a handle that is very distinctive in the Omega lineup, while the J8006’s handle is an identical copy of earlier Omega 8000 models.

The tiny dimension of the feeding chute on both Omega juicers is another major criticism. Since the chute is only 1.5 inches wide, it isn’t easy to simply pour your fruits and vegetables into the extractor and let it do its thing. You must chop them into tiny sizes to fit into the tube and guarantee seamless juicing.

Omega NC900HDC vs. Omega NC800HDS

Except for the model number and hue, the Omega NC800 and NC900 are virtually identical. Although the Omega NC900 costs a little more, no additional features are included in that amount.

Both versions share the same user handbook if you look at the directions. Furthermore, the components for making The GE Ultem Auger, which is eight times sturdier than other plastics, is a component of both juicers in the Omega NC-800 vs. NC-900 comparison. It is, therefore, ideal for preparing vegetables. For many health-conscious consumers, having the option to puree vegetables is a huge plus.

Omega NC900HDC vs. Omega CNC80

The Omega CNC80 Small Extractor is simple, just like its forerunner. You can start juicing in just 7 simple stages and with 9 components. You won’t need to consult the instructions if you are familiar with horizontal masticating juicers like this one. The components are very straightforward.

The brand’s sixth-generation nutrition center is the Omega NC900HDC. This stylish masticating juicer weighs 13 pounds, has a chrome finish, and has a handle for carrying it around the house. The components don’t contain BPA. In contrast to earlier horizontal masticating versions, it was created with a bigger, oval-shaped feed chute. The width of the aperture is 1.5 x 2 inches. It has a movable drum cover with five different pressure levels. The procedure of extracting juice is more effective due to this enhancement.

Final Thought

If you want to replace your outdated masticating juicer, the Omega NC900HDC juice processor is a good option. It is an Omega heavy-duty product with a sizable conveyor system and a strong engine. Making celery beverages, green smoothies, and other simple dishes with it is a breeze.


Type: Masticating Juicer
Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0
Juice Quality: High
Juice Shelf Life: 72 Hours
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Pulp Ejection: External
Motor: 2 inches (oval)
Wattage: 80 RPM, 2 horsepower
Chute Size: 150 Watts
Build: Plastic (BPA Free)
Design: Horizontal
Color: Chrome
Noise Level: Low
Warranty: 15 Years
Best for Juicing: Soft Fruits, Dense Produce, Citruses, Leafy Greens, Nuts & Beans
Application: Home & Personal Use