Choosing The Best Angel Juicer -Detailed Guide

It is crucial that you purchase the best Angel juicer suited to your requirements. Which is the best Angel juicer? This is one of the queries we receive the most frequently. In a nutshell, it varies. An ideal juicer for one individual may be inappropriate for another. Approach it this way.

Because of this, we carry a selection of Angel juicers to meet everyone’s requirements.

Let’s get to the issue quickly. You might be interested in determining which Angel extractor is the best possible deal for everyday use or which juicer produces the finest verdant green juice. Here is a foremost Angel Juicer that you can read to help you decide which Angel Juicer will meet your requirements the best.

Before that, head to some basics first!


For those who want the best efficiency and most significant health advantages from their fresh juice, there are Twin Gear Juicers, also called Triturating Juicers. Triturating juicers offer the most comprehensive and effective extraction process because they use two stainless steel locking gears to pulverize produce between them at lower Speeds than single auger masticating juicers.

A Twin Gear Juicer offers the least oxygen and oxidation, so you can keep your juice over several weeks without losing its nutritious value. They provide maximum juice separation with the highest vitamins, enzymes, and minerals imaginable.


With good cause, Angel Twin-Gear Juicers have been regarded as the industry standard for twin-gear juicers. The twin-gear construction also referred to as a triturating design, is where the distinction begins. This juicer grinds the product at a slower speed of 82 RPM than single-gear extractors using two overlapping stainless steel gears.



With good cause, Angel Twin-Gear Juicers are regarded as the industry standard for twin-gear juicers. The twin-gear construction also referred to as a triturating design, is where the distinction begins. This form of juicer grinds product at a slower speed 82 RPM than single-gear extractors using two interlocking stainless steel gears (augers). This method has several benefits, including:

  • Guarantees you receive each and every delectable drop of liquid from the fruit and vegetables and enhances extraction.
  • Reduces oxidation and aeration, which prolongs the storage life of your beverage and delays the loss of nutrient potency.
  • Produces little debris or froth.
  • Produces the liquid with the richest, most vivid flavours.

What Makes Angel Twin Gear Juicers The Best?

Now that you are familiar with the twin gear juicers let’s move on to some of the benefits of the Angel juicer so you can better understand the machine you are using.

  • Guarantees you receive every delectable drop of liquid from the fruit and vegetables, enhancing extraction.
  • Reduces oxidation and aeration, which prolongs the storage life of your beverage and delays the loss of nutrient potency.
  • Minimum pulp and froth production
  • Produces the liquid with the wealthiest, most vivid flavours.
  • Excellent for all verdant vegetables and wheatgrass
  • Long-term produce amount savings with the quietest juicer choice.
Angel juicers


The 3 versions are 5500, 7500, and 8500. Although these versions share a twin-gear system and are made of sturdy stainless steel, there are some significant variations to consider. Here is a summary to assist you in making a wise purchase.

Angel 5500 Juicer

The Super Angel Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer can process food into a thin powder as a triturating juicer. Due to the twin gear design, which prepares foods in two separate phases, this is possible with some foods.

Food is put into the juicer’s upper tube during the first stage, where the two stainless steel gears grind the food into juice much slower than the elevated centrifugal juicers. The second step involves pushing the juice produced by the slow machining operation through a fine filter to separate the juice from the food’s pulp. After that, the debris exits the juicer’s front while the juice exits the bottom. Both are gathered in different receptacles. Compared to most other juicers, the extra step of filtering the juice results in a product of better quality. Additionally, the pulp produced as a byproduct of this procedure is much drier. The residue can be tossed into a waste pile or used in other dishes.

Angel 7500 Juicer

The second most cost-effective and cautious of the four choices is the Super Angel Pro or Angel 7500. Other than the automatic reverse mechanism, it is similar to the Super Angel Plus. High-quality food-grade stainless steel is used to construct the frame, extracting container, and two gears. There is no free soft fruit connection included.

Of these four choices, the Super Angel Deluxe is the best value because it already includes a fresh produce stainless steel soft fruit adapter for blending or pureeing delicate fruits. The aluminium used to extract the chassis, twin gears, and frame are comparable to Super Angel Pro. You’ll save some money by choosing this alternative to purchase the soft fruit adapter individually.

Angel 8500 Juicer

You can puree any fruit or vegetable, including firm tubers, fibrous veggies, and leafy vegetables, using the Angel Juicer AG-8500. The Angel juicer makes delectable nut butter, tofu, wheatgrass juice, and milk from seeds, almonds, and legumes. You can place the seeds in the slow juicer if you can chew them without injury.

The Angel can remove the most nutrients from the products because it has the most potent engine of any slow juicer. This sluggish Juicer does a good job of pulp separation, leaving the juice almost pulp-free.

Cleaning the Angel is simple. In a few simple procedures, the components can be disconnected. The colander must be thoroughly cleansed using the provided scraper and brush. The sterilizer can also be used for the components. The clamps securing the press section’s link can become dirty. You can quickly clean this with a damp towel or by gently sprinkling a container of water over it.

How to Choose The Angel Twin Gear Juicer For Home?

Here are a few things to think about when selecting the ideal Angle Juicer for your home.

What Volume Of juice Do You Consume Each Day?

How often will you prepare juice, and how frequently will you consume it each day or each week? Is it for your complete family, just you, or your partner? Is the time it takes to prepare juice a significant issue? While centrifugal juicers are a great choice if you want to make a lot of drinks rapidly and are willing to give up a little on quality, masticating juicers are the best option if juice quality is your top priority. You want to juice mostly leafy leaves and veggies. Angel twin gear juicers produce the highest quality juice but do much more slowly than faster-speed centrifugal juicers.

High Yields Of Liquid And Desiccated Pulp

A juicer’s juice output can be used to evaluate its performance and quality. Numerous video reviews online show how well different juicers work when precise quantities of produce are prepared. The price typically increases along with the production of liquid.

Carrot juice can be extracted 25 per cent more by the Angel, and green vegetable juice can be removed 30 per cent more. Centrifugal juicers typically have the lowest output and make the driest pulp, while twin-gear masticating extractors usually have the most excellent juice yield and create dehydrated pulp.

Angel juicers

Your Financial Situation

When it concerns juicers, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Usually, Juicer efficiency decreases as the price increases. Higher price tags are associated with greater juice output, more features, more straightforward cleaning, better warranties, and frequently more aesthetically pleasing products.

We advise saving money on the price if you plan on making juicing a significant component of your nutrition and health regimen. Even though Angel juicers are perfect for getting juice, they are pricey. So, before contemplating this juicer consider its price.

Juicing of Verdant Vegetables

Last but not least, only some of the juicers can extract the juice from leafy green veggies. Obtaining a raw, live liquid from leafy green veggies is the most significant advantage of juicing. Leafy greens, particularly wheat, greens, cabbage, beets, broccoli, etc., are the only meals that are as high in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Leafy vegetables are tough to juice with centrifugal juicers and practically cannot be juiced at all. Our advice is to stay with Angel masticating juicers, which are the best at getting leafy green juice.


The Angel Juicer type you choose will depend on your requirements and tastes. Whichever one you select, you will receive a strong, adaptable juicing apparatus that can be used to juice anything from citrus, papaya, and fruit to vegetables, wheatgrass, and parsley. Try out some of your delicious creations, or browse the internet for hundreds of recipes. Furthermore, Angel’s multi-step extraction procedure guarantees that every delicious drop of juice contains the most significant amount of nutritional value.