Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Juicer Review

Before arriving in Australia in 2020, the Omega Juicers MM900HDS celery juicer type debuted in the USA in 2019. Having been developed to increase celery processing’s liquid outputs. For those who adhere to the celery juice regimen, the MM900 variant is ideal. The MM900 is specially made for juicing and includes a free Barley Juicing End Cap, which top tiers optimal nutrients into your cold-pressed juice and increases celery yields. The normal 20-year manufacturer’s engine guarantee and 10-year parts warranty is also included with the MM900.

The only extractor in the world with this unique celery attachment is the Omega MM900. As a result of improvements made solely by Omega Juicers, you can now squeeze more juice from each celery stalk you use for juicing each day while saving money.

Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Masticating Juicer:

What We Like?

  • Geared towards juicing vegetables
  • For optimal nutrient absorption, use a slow RPM engine.
  • Greater juice output 72-hour juice storage life Ideal for juicing leafy vegetables, rich produce, and citrus fruits
  • Stainless steel components
  • Effortless and silent functioning
  • Discharge of external debris for ongoing juicing
  • The authorized midsize juicer for health
  • Best compact juicer

What We Don’t Like?

  • Unable to digest soft foods
  • Some people report pulpy liquid; a sieve may be necessary.
  • Greater juice output 72-hour juice Slower than mechanical juicers at extracting juice
  • Your juicing process will be delayed due to the narrow chute because it requires cutting your fruit into tiny bits.

In a rush view some juicers selected by our technical team,

Omega MM 900HDS Review

Juicer Design & specifications

The approved juicer for Medical Medium is the Omega MM900HDS. It is ideal for juicing celery and is made for managing leafy greens, thick produce, and citruses. It has a larger funnel design, sturdier screen housing, a more potent motor, and BPA-free components. It is built on the Omega J8006 and J8008 designs. Simply put, the Omega MM900HDS is a reliable, heavy-duty juicer.

Easy to use

The MM900HDS is the best compact and a very simple device. Six pieces are all you need to put together to start juicing. Even if you have never juiced, it will only cost a minute. Any horizontal masticating juicer’s tiny chute aperture is its only drawback. You must cut your fruits and veggies into bite-sized portions. With celery stems. However, putting the product’s flowery or narrow end first is not a problem.

The two end covers are another item you need to be aware of. Only juice celery using the celery end cover. To extract more liquid from celery stems, it has a smaller clearance. Use the regular end cap for the remaining fruit.

Easy To Clean

The Medical Medium Celery Juicer’s removable components can all be cleaned in a top-rack dishwasher. Before putting those components in your dishwasher, please soak them for about thirty min in tepid water that has been diluted to a few droplets of either baking powder or dishwashing detergent for the best results.

Does It juice Other Products As Well?

Of course, I say. All you have to do is turn off your computer. After removing the previous one, replace the Vegetable end cap with the included all-around end cap. After that, you can use all of the other components.


The Omega MM900 runs slowly and is nearly quiet, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing people in your house or the neighbours whenever you switch it on.

Juicing Attachments

Team Omega created the MM900HDS in collaboration with the Medical Medium; it has an additional front tube that improves your juicer for celery, giving you optimal drainage by pressing the celery for a prolonged period in more juice and less waste.

Quality of juice

The MM900HDS Omega Slow Juicer can meet Omega’s requirements in terms of juice purity. Its effectiveness is the same as its brothers since they are all horizontal masticating juice extractor family members. This product will give you a more nutritious liquid with a higher output.

What size is the chute?

Although the MM900HDS has a 4.5-centimetre circle-shaped chute, we always advise cutting celery into the smaller 2-inch segments rather than dropping the entire stalk. Your profits will rise even more as a result. Celery, a straggly root vegetable, will remain in your juicer longer if sliced smaller, increasing output.


Omega J8006HDC juicer
Omega J8006HDC juicer
  • Color=Chrome,Dimensions:7.09″D x 19.69″W x 13″H,Cold Press Slow Juicer
  • Versatile Kitchen Tool
  • Max Flavor and Nutrients
  • Adjustable End Cap,Easy To Use
Omega MM1500GY juicer
Omega MM1500GY juicer
  • Color:Grey,Dimensions:6.11″D x 18.9″W x 12.6″H,Optimized For Celery
  • Includes 2 Adjustable End Caps
  • Cold Press Slow Juicer
  • Provides maximum juice extraction
Omega NC900HDC juicer
Omega NC900HDC juicer
  • Color:Metallic,Dimension:6.5″D x 14.5″W x 15.5″H,Triple-stage masticating technology
  • Adjustable end cap
  • Operates quietly
  • Removable parts,Easy to clean

Omega MM 900HDS VS Omega J8006HDC

Both the Omega MM 900HDS and Omega J8006HDC are horizontal masticating juicers. Therefore it makes sense that they have the same styles with embellishments in black and silver. The entire device appears robust and operates without any apparent wobble. The two beverage extractors should also provide dependable service for a long time.

The dimensions of the Omega J8006HDS and MM900HDS are identical. Each machine measures 15.5 inches in height, 14.5 inches in depth, and 6.5 inches in width. Before bringing any merchandise home, ensure it will suit your kitchen countertop.

Omega MM 900HDS VS Omega MM1500GY

Omega MM 900HDS and Omega MM1500GY, both juicers are remarkable. However, Omega’s newest top model is the MM900HDS. In terms of style, it’s similar to an Omega 8006 HDS. Look more closely. Although the two products are identical, the greater has been enhanced for preparing celery and leafy vegetables. The charging screen on the MM900HDS has a smaller space than the 8006 HDS. It is, however, designed only for drinking. There are no additional food preparation tools included.

However, the MM1500 Cold Press Celery Juicer & Nutrition System can produce more than just delectable and nutritious juice. You can juice leafy leaves, veggies, fruits, oranges, extrude noodles, fresh infant food, and other foods. In addition, the Triple Stage masticating technology takes the most flavour, liquid, minerals, and vitamins from the smallest quantities of fruits, veggies, leafy greens, and wheatgrass.

Omega MM 900HDS VS Omega NC900HDC

The design of the two devices is quite comparable, considering that the same company produced them. However, the Omega NC900HDC is smaller and lighter than the Omega MM900HDS, measuring 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches and weighing 13 pounds, respectively. It was lightweight, making it movable and simple to move from one section of the living space to another. The juicer uses a masticating extraction method and an auger mechanism to push and compress the produce into a narrow chute.

Omega NC900HDC and Omega MM900HDS have nearly identical appearances. It weighs 17.11 pounds, has measurements of 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches, and is bulkier than the rival gadget. We had to hold it securely in one place because we couldn’t move it. This appliance uses a dual-stage masticating extraction method and cold-press juicing technology to ensure that you get the most juice possible from your produce and that nothing is wasted. With flexible celery end cap attachments, this gadget was specially created for celery liquids, ensuring no waste.

Does the Medical Journal genuinely endorse this design?

The Omega Juicer MM900HDS is the finest Omega appliance for making celeries for a reason, and Medical Medium also serves as the appliance’s official spokesman. I wholeheartedly agree with Anthony William when he claims that the best juicer for juicing vegetables is a cold press masticating extractor.

The claim that “Masticating juicers more slowly and gently extract the juice from vegetables and do not generate as much radioactivity during the juicing process” is also true.

Doing this lets you keep your celery’s nutrition intact as feasible and limit oxidation. The most effective Omega masticating juicer for squeezing celery stems is the MM900HDS. Its tighter end cover will enable you to increase liquid output. This implies you’ll get the most use out of your celery lot.

Is It Worth It – VERDICT

The MM900HDS Omega Juicer is undoubtedly the best option if you participate in the worldwide celery juice trend. It’s excellent at getting liquid out of celery stems, but it also has the potential to create raw juices like green juice. It’s a reliable all-purpose drink producer, not just a Medical Medium juicer. The 15-year product warranty is also one of its finest features.

Knowing its value, I have evaluated this juicer in detail for better comprehension.

Technical Specifications    

Price$ 200-300
Rating4.4 out of 5.0
Juice Quality High
Juice Shelf Life72 Hours
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Pulp Ejection External
Motor: 80 RPM, 2 horsepower
Wattage 150 Watts
Chute Sizees (round)
BuildPlastic (BPA Free)
Color Silver & Black
Noise Level Low
Warranty 15 Years
Best for Juicing Dense Produce, Citrus Fruits & Leafy Greens
Application Home & Personal Use

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