Detox Vegetable Juice Recipe Step-by-Step Explanation:

Broader range of vegetables make your body fit internally as well as  externally.Detox vegetable juice recipe serves the same purpose as it contains variety of vegetables.

Detox vegetable recipe is very effective for neutralization of body toxins.Vegetables present in the recipe are source of instant energy and help to reduce weight.

This nutrition full juicing recipe provides remedy against infections and inflammations as it contains antioxidants. 


8 Stalks of celery without leaves

1 small handful of parsley

1 bunch of scrubbed carrots

11 inch ginger knob

1 Lime

1 red bell pepper



Important Steps:

Detox Vegetable juice has following process,

Step # 1

  • Take celery stalks without leaves
  • Remove the base as well as top of the stalks
  • Wash them gently in water
  • Cut off into average pieces

Step # 2

Take parsley bunch,wash and dry

Cut into pieces

Step # 3

  • Take peeled 1lime 
  • Chop into average pieces

Take carrots,wash and scrubbed and top removed

Cut into average pieces

Now take red bell and ginger and cut into pieces

  • Put these ingredients into juicer
  • Extract fresh juice by juicer operation
  • Drink fresh juice live or store in the fridge after placing it in an airtight pot for upto 2 days but preferably for 24 hrs

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Nutrition in juice:


Calories: 42kcal | Carbohydrates: 10.9g | Magnisium:14.8mg|Sodium:20.2mg |Protein: 0.7g | Sugar: 7.2g | Vitamin A: 809.7IU | Vitamin C: 13.6mg | Calcium:148mg |Fats(total): 0.1g| Dietary fibers: 1.6g


NUTRITION (in separate ingredients)

Nutrition In Celery:

  • Minerals(Potassium,manganese,copper,calcium,magnesium,phosphorus)

Nutrition In Lime:

  • Vitamins(B3,B6&C)
  • Minerals(Zinc,iron,phosphorus,Folate,potassium,magnesium,Riboflavon & Niacin)

Nutrition in apple:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fibers
  • Sugar
  • Calories
  • Water
  • Traces of fats

Nutration In Parsley:

  • Vitamins(A,B,K&C)
  • Minerals(Zinc,iron,potassium,magnesium,Calcium)
  • Dietary fibers

Nutration In Red Belled Pepper:

  • Vitamins(A,B,K&C)
  • Minerals(phosphorous,copper,iron,potassium,magnesium,magnisium)
  • Dietary fibers

Nutration In Orange Belled Pepper:

  • Carbohydrates,protein,fibers,calories,sodium

Nutrition In Carrot:

  • Vitamins(A,B,E&C)
  • Minerals(phosphorous,Zinc,iron,potassium,maganize,magnisium,Sodium,Calcium)


Green Juice Guidelines For Detox Vegetable Juice Recipe:

  1. Ingredients usage chemistry – We will use moisture-rich celery as a primary ingredient, then add parsley, lime.Ginger, red belled pepper for attractive taste. Carrot is added to give sweetness. All of these ingredients boost your immune system and protect you from diseases.
  2. Hygienic and chopping parameters – in order to drink a hygienic and fresh glass of juice it is recommended to wash properly ingredients with clean water. After that chop the vegetables into pieces small enough to fit easily into the chute opening. For better juicing output, peeling all citrus fruits is advised as it can be difficult for the juicer to continue the process, which ultimately results in lowering the juicing yield.
  3. How to use a juicer? To get enzyme-rich juice our the best juicer for celery collection will be very helpful. The selection of good quality juice definitely affects juice quality and electricity consumption. Turn the juicer on and put all ingredients through the chute opening, push by presser if needed. We recommend starting from celery then lime, red belled pepper, and parsley. Carrot and ginger are extracted at the end to avoid any chopping. Collect the juice in the collection pot.

Juicers Recommendations:

Although there are numerous juicers in the market.Some most demanded are also included in our best juicer guide with medical medium but Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer   is very effective for this recipe.

Aicok masticating juicer

Effect Of Detox Vegetable Juice Recipe On Your Health:

  • Detox Vegetable juice recipe is a healthy and delicious juicing recipe. This recipe is packed with a large number of nutrients.
  • Regular usage of celery detox juice recipe for 15-20 days makes you feel light and active, especially improving your immune system and supporting weight loss.
  • Few sips at the start of the day keeping you fresh and healthier throughout the day!
  • You will work and solve daily matters with dedication as it increases brain focal power. 

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