11 Items That Should Never Be Placed In a Juicer

There is no turning back to pre-squeezed once you have one of the finest juicers. These tabletop juicers are fantastic for juicing various produce, including citrus, berries, carrots, and more. The best juicers for greens can handle the right components, whether you choose something sour, bitter, or peppery. Juicers can manage some things, yet there are certain things you should avoid doing to prevent harming your juicer.

Want to know more? Here, we break down precisely which product poses a threat to the extractor and why, offering you potential alternatives. Therefore, whether you have a mechanical or masticating juicer, you can continue to make the most of everything without worrying about damaging it. Here are 11 items that should never be placed in a juicer.

Things that you should never put in a juicer

Below are the 11 things that you should never put in a juicer:


Even though coconuts have water in them, the interior is comparatively dry and packed with fiber. Accordingly, juicing produces only a mushy mass that clogs your extractor. The coconut should be saved to go into one of the finest juicers rather than your juicer. Thus, you can combine the ingredients to make DIY coconut milk by adding coconut water.

coconut  -one of 11 items that should never be placed in a juicer

Citrus rinds

Among the most common juice concoctions made by juicers might be orange juice. But always remember that the skin needs to be removed first. Avoid sore skin at all times because it can affect your digestion and detract from the taste of your drink.

This holds for all citrus products, including oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit. Use the rinds to deter cats from climbing the Christmas tree, or throw them in the waste container as an alternative.

citrus rind one of 11 items that should never be placed in a juicer


The consistency of bananas could be better for juicing, even though they are a decent source of potassium. Bananas have a lot of pectins, so your juicer will have a hard time getting any juice out of them. It will produce something that appears to be hideous. Instead, reserve the bananas for having a good pureed drink. Remember that you’ll have to add some liquid to lessen the viscosity. For example, bananas, strawberries, milk, and oats create a delicious morning smoothie.

Banana-one of 11 items that should never be placed in a juicer


Without question, pineapple is delectable. It has a tropical, sweet, tangy taste and is a good source of vitamins, fiber, and nutrients. Additionally, even though this fruit has enough juice to put through a juicer, we don’t suggest it because you lose much of its nutritional value.

When the fibre and nutrients are taken out, what is left is primarily sugar, which is neither incredibly healthful nor advantageous. Instead, continue to consume pineapple as nature meant.

PIne apple-one of 11 items that should never be placed in a juicer


Figs have a fruity, honey-sweet taste and can be eaten dry or raw. Regardless of whether you use fresh figs, the consistency of fig juice won’t work in a juicer, despite how enticing the concept may be.

It will produce a mixture containing little liquid, similar to many of the previously stated products. You can always blend your figs in a mixer and then move the mixture to a filter and cheesecloth to create fig juice manually if you can’t get rid of the notion.

figs-one of 11 Items That Should Never Be Placed In a Juicer


Because of its substantial vitamin C concentration, broccoli is often thought to improve green juices, but it can be difficult to stomach. Avoid it if you have IBS because it may result in flatulence, cramping, or swelling. Cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cabbage ought not be juiced for the same reasons.

Broccoli-one of 11 Items That Should Never Be Placed In a Juicer


If you’re prone to kidney stones, stay away from preparing leafy leaves with a darker shade, including such spinach and kale. Oxalates, which are present in these vegetables, can cause renal stones.

Kale-one of 11 Items That Should Never Be Placed In a Juicer


Any dish can benefit from the delicious inclusion of avocado. When perfectly ripe fruit is present, the pulp is easy to distribute right from the skin. Also available is information on how to cultivate an apple tree from a sprout.

Although the flesh of these fruits is creamy and soft, there is, unfortunately, very little juice present, so juicing one will yield little. Avocados are much better off being incorporated into drinks.

Figs-one of 11 items that should never be placed in a juicer


The taste of fresh rhubarb is undeniably tart. It functions well in sweets when mixed with sugar, but it doesn’t have the finest consistency for juicing.

It resembles celery in form and has a stringy, crunchy feel, and is high in fibre. In other words, it could be challenging for a juicer, clogging it up and yielding little or no juice. Instead, throw the rhubarb into your mixer to create delectable drinks.

Rhubarb-one of 11 Items That Should Never Be Placed In a Juicer

Frozen fruit 

Whenever it comes to juicing, make an effort to be patient. If you don’t let your frozen produce defrost before using it, it may be challenging to process and, in some cases, even harm the juicer.

For reference, warming packed frozen fruit inside the fridge, under running water, or in a microwave is advised by the National Center for Home Food Preservation.

Frozen Fruit-one of 11 Items That Should Never Be Placed In a Juicer


A juicer should never be used to process ice, even if you want to create fresh snow cones. The ice may dull the blades and do permanent harm.

On the reverse side, some juicers can manage ice. For a detailed comparison of juicers and juicers, see our guide. However, not all juicers are made to pulverize ice, so read the specs.

Ice-one of 11 Items That Should Never Be Placed In a Juicer


Making a tasty beverage from nutritious fruits, veggies, and other ingredients is a beautiful way to appreciate cooking and tastes that otherwise would be difficult to find. Sadly, some fruit and food combos will make you regret juicing them, as well as certain specific foods you should refrain from trying to juice.

Visit the specifics to find out which foods you should not juice.