Kuvings EVO820 Juicer 2024 Review

People seek methods to incorporate healthy behaviours into their everyday routines due to growing health awareness in today’s fast-paced society. Fresh juices prepared from vegetables and fruits are one such habit. Juicers are now widely accessible on the market thanks to the rising popularity of juicing in recent years. The Kuvings Juicer EVO820 will be reviewed in this article. A high-end juicer that promises to provide excellent performance and simplicity of usage. In addition to comparing it to other juicers in its price range, we will look at its features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Kuvings EVO820 Juicer :


  • Without pre-cutting, a wide feeding funnel can juice bigger fruits and vegetables. 
  • Slow masticating technology guarantees that juice maintains the most nutrients and enzymes.
  • The operation is less noisy than that of other juicing machines on the market
  • Minimal parts plus a cleaning tool make it simple to clean
  • Versatile, able to create juice, sorbets, smoothies, and milk from nuts.


  • Users must cut veggies and fruits into smaller pieces because the juicer’s feed funnel is somewhat tiny.
  • It isn’t easy to move or store in compact kitchens because of its weight and size.
  • When in operation, the juicer may be extremely noisy, which can be an issue for certain people.
  • Compared with other juicers on the market, it is also rather pricey.
  • The juicer must be disassembled to clean it, which might take some time.

In a rush view, some Blenders selected by our technical team,


  • The New O shape flap gate
  • Wider 82mm Feeding chute
  • Leather Pattern New Design
  • Reinforced drum lid
  • Upgraded 5th generation drum
  • Easy washing of pulp outlet
  • Safe flap gate system
  • BPA-FREE Tritan for the Environment and Health

Kuvings EVO820 Juicer Review

To extract juices from fruits and vegetables, the Kuvings EVO820 employs cold-press technology. It boasts a large feeding chute, a strong motor, and a simple cleaning process. The juicer has several accessories for creating nut milk, smoothies, and sorbets. Overall, for individuals who are serious about juice and need a piece of reliable and practical equipment, the Kuvings EVO820 is a terrific purchase.

Furthermore, detailed reviews are here of the best kuvings juicers to make informed decisions:


The Kuvings EVO820 best upright vertical juicer may extract juice from fruits and vegetables quickly and effectively. It has a strong motor and a large feeding chute that can fit whole vegetables, cutting down on preparation time. Additionally, the juicer includes a self-cleaning mechanism and BPA-free parts, making cleanup simple after use. The EVO820 is a stunning addition to any kitchen because of its sleek, contemporary appearance and small size.

Kuvings EVO820


A high-performance juicer with a strong motor and cutting-edge juicing technology is the Kuvings EVO820 cold press juicer. This juicer is made to obtain the most juice possible from fruits and vegetables while keeping their flavour and nutritional value. The EVO820 has a large feeding chute that can fit entire fruits and vegetables, cutting down on prep time and improving the convenience of juicing. Additionally, it includes a slow-moving masticating technology that results in less heat and oxidation and provides juice with superior quality and longer shelf life. The EVO820 contains several accessories for creating smoothies, sorbets, and nut milk. The Kuvings EVO820 is a dependable and effective juicer ideal for health-conscious people who wish to enjoy fresh, rich, nutrient-rich juice at home.


A high-quality and long-lasting appliance, the Kuvings juicer needs routine maintenance to operate at its best and last as long as possible—assembly and disassembly of juicer from its electrical source before washing of juicer. The juicer should then be disassembled by removing the container, filter, and other detachable components. Clean these sections of any pulp or dirt With a gentle brush, warm water, and a little detergent. The pieces should be carefully rinsed and dried with a soft towel. The juicer should be put back together and kept in a cold, dry area.

Additionally crucial is routinely checking the juicer for any signs of wear or damage. To stop future harm to the juicer, any parts that are cracked, damaged, or worn out should be replaced right away.


The EVO820 juicer is a very versatile kitchen tool that can easily handle a variety of fruits and vegetables. The EVO820 can juice everything, from lush greens to tough root veggies, yet retain the maximum amount of nourishment because of its strong motor and sophisticated juicing technology. The juicer’s distinctive design also makes cleaning and maintenance simple, making it a practical and convenient option for homes with hectic schedules. The Kuvings EVO820 is a dependable and adaptable solution that may assist you in reaching your health objectives, whether you’re trying to prepare nutritious juices, smoothies, or even nut milk.

Warranty and price

One of the more extended warranties available on the juicer market is the 10-year guarantee with the Kuvings EVO820. The complete juicer, including the motor and parts, is covered by this guarantee. Depending on where it is purchased and whether there are any continuing sales or discounts, the cost of the Kuvings EVO820 varies. This juicer typically costs between $500 and $600.


Kuvings EVO830
 Kuvings EVO830
  • Wide Feeding Chute
  • Slow Juicing Technology
  • Quiet Motor
  • Easy to Clean
  • Versatile
Kuvings B6000 Series
Kuvings B6000 Series
  • Motor power: 240W
  • Speed: 50 RPM
  • Feeding tube diameter: 3 inches
  • Dimensions: 9 x 8.2 x 17.6 inches
  • Weight: 16 pounds
Kuvings SC Series
  Kuvings SC Series
  • Feeding tube
  • Two Step Safety Start System
  • BPA free juicing bowl
  • Power switch

What type of chute does the Kuvings EVO820 juicer have?

The EVO820 juicer features a wide-mouthed feeding tube. This 3-inch-diameter chute enables the insertion of entire fruits and vegetables without the need for chopping or other preparation. The Kuvings EVO820 juicer’s wide-mouthed feeding tube is a crucial component since it drastically decreases preparation time and increases the effectiveness of juicing.

The Kuvings EVO820  incorporates a self-feeding hopper and a wide-mouthed feeding funnel. This hopper is made to mechanically pull in fruits and vegetables to streamline the juicing process further. The self-feeding hopper ensures that all of the produce is thoroughly processed while preventing clogs.

Kuvings EVO820

What type of vegetables and fruits can we process in the Kuvings EVO820 juicer?

Kuvings EVO820 is a versatile kitchen appliance processing various fruits and vegetables. This juicer has a powerful motor and an advanced juicing system that can extract the maximum amount of juice from produce while preserving its nutritional value.


The Kuvings EVO820 can process almost any type of vegetable, including leafy greens, hard vegetables, and soft vegetables. This juicer can quickly process leafy greens such as kale, spinach, wheatgrass, and collard greens. Hard vegetables such as carrots, beets, ginger, turmeric, and sweet potatoes can also be quickly processed. This juicer can also process soft vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers.

Kuvings EVO820


The Kuvings juicer is equally efficient in processing fruits of all kinds. Hard fruits such as apples, pears, and pineapples can be quickly processed. Soft fruits such as berries, grapes, and kiwis can also be processed efficiently. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits can also be processed in this juicer.

In addition to the fruits mentioned above and vegetables, the EVO820 juicer can also process nuts and soybeans and even make nut milk.

Kuvings EVO820

What kind of waste and juice is produced in the Kuvings EVO820 juicer?

After extensive research, it has been found that the EVO820 juicer produces two types of waste: pulp and juice. Pulp waste is the solid material left over after the juicing process, which consists of the fibrous parts of fruits and vegetables. This waste can be used in various ways, such as being added to compost or used in baked goods or soup recipes.

On the other hand, the juice produced by the Kuvings EVO820 is extracted using a slow masticating process, which results in a high yield of juice with minimal oxidation. The juice made by this juicer is typically very nutrient-dense and can be consumed immediately or stored for later use.

It is important to note that the amount and type of waste produced by the Kuvings EVO820 may vary depending on the specific fruits and vegetables being juiced and the settings and techniques used during the juicing process.

Kuvings EVO820 vs. Kuvings EVO830

One of the main differences between the Kuvings EVO820 and EVO830 is their motor power. The EVO820 has a 240-watt motor, while the EVO830 has a more powerful 250-watt engine. This means that the EVO830 is capable of juicing more challenging produce, such as beets and carrots, more efficiently than the EVO820.

Another difference between the two models is their feeding chute size. The EVO820 has a 3-inch feeding chute, which is wide enough to fit most fruits and vegetables without cutting them into smaller pieces. The EVO830, on the other hand, has a slightly wider 3.2-inch feeding chute, which can accommodate even larger produce items.

The Kuvings EVO820 and EVO830 also differ in terms of their accessories. The EVO830 has a blank filter that allows you to make frozen desserts and nut butter, while the EVO820 does not include this accessory.

Kuvings EVO820 vs. Kuvings B6000 Series

The Kuvings EVO820 is a slow-masticating juicer that operates at 50 RPMs. Its wide feeding chute allows users to juice whole fruits and vegetables without cutting them into small pieces. The EVO820 has a powerful motor that can easily handle tough produce like beets and carrots. This juicer also has a blank strainer for making nut milk and frozen desserts.

On the other hand, the Kuvings B6000 series is also a slow-masticating juicer but operates at 60 RPMs. It has a slightly narrower feeding chute compared to the EVO820, which requires users to cut their produce into smaller pieces before juicing. The B6000 series also has a powerful motor that can handle tough produce like beets and carrots.

One significant difference between these two juicers is their design. The Kuvings EVO820 has a sleek and modern design with an all-metal finish. It is available in four colours: champagne gold, gunmetal, silver, and red. The Kuvings B6000 series, on the other hand, has a bulkier design with a plastic finish. It is available in three different colours, including silver pearl, white pearl, and red pearl.

Another difference between these two juicers is their cleaning process. The Kuvings EVO820 has an intelligent cap that prevents leaks and makes cleaning easier. Users can pour water into the juicer to self-clean it before disassembling it for further cleaning. The Kuvings B6000 series does not come with this feature, making it slightly more challenging to clean.

Kuvings EVO820 vs. Kuvings SC Series

The Kuvings EVO820 is a slow masticating juicer that operates at 50 RPM, which helps to preserve the nutrients and enzymes in the juice. It has a wide feeding chute that can accommodate whole fruits and vegetables, reducing the preparation time. The EVO820 also comes with a sorbet maker attachment, allowing you to make healthy frozen desserts. The juicer’s sleek and modern design makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen.

On the other hand, the Kuvings SC Series is a vertical slow juicer that operates at 60 RPM. It has a compact design that takes up less counter space than the EVO820. The SC Series also has a wide feeding chute but requires more preparation time as it cannot accommodate whole fruits and vegetables. The juicer comes with a smoothie and ice cream strainer attachment, allowing you to make more than just juice.

In terms of cleaning, both juicers are easy to disassemble and clean. However, the EVO820 has a self-cleaning feature, making cleaning even more convenient.

Regarding price, the Kuvings EVO820 is more expensive than the SC Series. However, the EVO820 offers more features, such as the sorbet maker attachment and a self-cleaning feature.


In conclusion, the Kuvings EVO820 juicer is a powerful, high-quality machine that can extract juice from various fruits and vegetables. It features an innovative design with a wide feeding chute, a quiet motor, and easy-to-clean parts. The juicer also comes with multiple accessories that make it versatile and convenient. The only downside is that it is relatively expensive compared to other juicers.

The Kuvings EVO820 is an excellent investment for anyone who wants fresh and healthy juice at home. Its advanced features and high-quality construction make it a top choice for serious juicers.


Brand Kuvings
Color Silver
Special Feature Programmable
Product Dimensions 8″D x 9.5″W x 19″H
Material Stainless Steel, Ultem, Plastic
Finish Type Non-Stick
Recommended Uses For Product Fruits, vegetables
Product Care Instructions Hand Wash Only
Capacity 0.9 Liters
Maximum Power 240 Watts
Wattage 240 watts
Power Source AC
Product Dimensions 8 x 9.5 x 19 inches
Item Weight 24.9 pounds
Manufacturer Kuvings
Item model number EVO820GM