Victoria Cugini

Victoria Cugini (Healthcare expert)

Victoria Cugini is a dedicated healthcare expert with a lifelong career goal to advance healthcare, improve the lives of others, and continue to learn. With a strong passion for making a positive impact, she focuses on translating data into actionable insights by creating tools and reports that drive meaningful change. Victoria leverages her extensive industry experience in areas such as medical economics, revenue cycle management, and finance to provide valuable contributions. 

Her diverse background working for an insurance company and a large hospital system enables her to approach problem-solving holistically. As a naturally curious individual, Victoria actively seeks additional educational opportunities both formal and informal to continually enhance her ability to contribute to the field she is so passionate about. In line with the words of Confucius, “If a craftsman wants to do good work, he must first sharpen his tools,” Victoria consistently hones her skills and knowledge to excel in her role as a healthcare expert.

Victoria Cugini

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